Monday, January 11, 2010

German Chocolate Cake or How to Feed an Army

German Chocolate Cake is about as German as Hamburgers are from Hamburg. This (very American) cake is fabulous, but could easily feed an army! The original (recipe from my beloved "Cooks Illustrated") is at least 5 inch high and very sweet. If you eat a 1/2 inch slice you are full for the day. So I modified it for normal everyday consumption, when you are not surrounded by a huge, ravenous family, but just want to enjoy a scrumptous desert with your significant other or some friends.

German Chocolate Cake ist ungefaehr so deutsch wie Hamburger aus Hamburg stammen. Diese (sehr amerikanische) Torte ist fabelhaft, aber davon wird eine Armee ohne weiteres satt! Das Original (Rezept aus meinem ueberaus geschaetzten "Cooks Illustrated") ist mindestens 12 cm hoch und sehr suess. Isst man davon ein 1 cm dickes Stueck, ist man den ganzen Tag ueber voll. Daher habe ich das Rezept fuer den Alltagsgebrauch modifiziert, wenn man nicht von einer vielkoepfigen, ausgehungerten Familie umgeben ist, sondern einfach nur ein leckeres Dessert mit seinem Liebsten oder ein paar Freunden geniessen will.


  1. Hanseata, loving your blog. I came across it looking for recipes for seeded German breads that I ate voraciously while visiting this summer. German's Chocolate Cake is named after the German's Chocolate bar, which is named after Samuel German. The cake was invented in Dallas, I think!

    I look forward to baking up a storm now that I have some great recipes to work from.

    I'd love to see some good dark bread, brown-gray with lovely rye, seeds, nuts, etc!

  2. Thank you very much, Greg! Yes, I was astonished about the German Chocolate Cake nobody in Germany ever heard of. But we have a kind of scone called "Amerikaner" I'm sure no American has ever heard of, either.
    I will post more bread recipes here and hope you'll try and let me know how they turned out.